In the summer of 2017, I had the opportunity to intern as a Communication Designer in the Creative Marketing team at Uber. I work to develop new concepts for future marketing campaigns, as well as improve and expand upon existing campaign designs. These are selected work done during my three months at Uber.


Uber Veterans

Everyday, millions of men and women risk their safety to protect our freedom and rights. As a result, many of our heroic veterans suffer from combat wounds that have made their lives harder. These challenges can include tasks such as driving, or having access to well equipped cars for wheelchairs. Uber has always been a strong supporter of our troops and military. We want say thank you by giving those who have served the country an alternative means of transportation.

Calgary Airport

Create visual assets for the YYC, the international airport of Calgary, Canada during its busiest month of the year (July-September). Deliverables include variations of vinyls, posters, and billboards.

Calgary, the Wild West of Canada, is known for its sunny weather and vast grasslands. One of Canada’s biggest events, the Calgary Stampede, attracts over a million attendees each year. To celebrate the event and the city itself, I created visual assets based on Calgary’s unique qualities.

Full illustration
Side A
Side B
TV animation
Calgary airport

World's Emoji Day

Create social media posts for World's Emoji Day that are intrinsically Uber

Emojis are a universal language. Similarly, Uber has solidified itself as both a staple in people's daily lives the world over and a ubiquitous product. As a natural addition to life, we'll create images with emojis integrated into photography to tell the story of your day.

Jordan Elle

Instagram stories

Twitter captions

Initial Tweet
Monday got you like 😶? Turn that ☹️ upside ⬇️ because it's #worldemojiday, and we know how to decode your everyday woes. #worldemojiday


Getting Up Late
Slept through your alarm? Again? Not a good look. But no need to worry about being late to work—your ride is right on time. #worldemojiday


Hungry At Work
Lunch at last. The world is your oyster. Or burger. Or burrito? Pizza! But you’ve taken too long to decide. @UberEATS it is. #worldemojiday


Getting to Gym Woes
Work is over. Workout time is here. You’re trying to pack on the muscle, but the gym parking lot is always packed. No sweat. #worldemojiday


Night Out
End the day with a night out. You live it up and break it down until last call. Time to go home. How? Leave that to us. #worldemojiday

Trip or Treat

Halloween is the second busiest night for Uber, meaning there is ample opportunity to win the holiday for the brand. Each of the two campaigns accomplishes something different. The first creates an experiential element to delve into the many paths the night's festivities could take. The second is intentionally tongue and cheek to demonstrate product features and benefits in a playful way.

Jordan Elle
Gabe Long

Tarot Helix Cards

Whether it's the night you choose to have or the one fate chooses for you, no one knows exactly what's in the cards this Halloween. Except Uber.

We'll create Uber tarot cards to determine the destiny of Uber riders no matter their destination. We'll create an in-app and physical experiences that reward riders with good fortune in the form of tarot card readings.


Brief: Halloween is one of Uber's busiest nights and monsters might have something to do with it.

Idea: We'll highlight the unique and supernatural use cases of monsters to underscore how easily we solve human needs in comparison. We'll create content that spotlights monsters and the situations they need Uber most.

OOOber Shorts

As product demonstrations, we'll put Halloween creatures in situations to see how they use and interact with Uber.

/ :10-:30
[Stationary full shot]
Several haggard survivors enter the frame, fleeing something. They exit.
A zombie staggers into the frame reaching desperately ahead of himself.
ZOMBIE: OoooOOOOooooober
The zombie breaks character, stands upright, and reaches into his pocket for his phone. An Uber arrives seconds later and the zombie gets in.
The zombie accepts and they're off after the survivors.

/ :10-:30
[Extreme close up]
Werewolf begins howling, bathed in moonlight.
Zoom out to reveal werewolf was actually howling at the high beam light as his Uber pulls up.
Cut to driver looking at the human rider picture that no longer matches the transformed werewolf.
DRIVER: Um, Frank?
WEREWOLF: It's been a long night...

/ :10-:30
[Stationary full shot]
Three ghosts stand with baggage and their thumbs out, hitchhiking the old-fashioned way. Taxi cabs pass right through them.
A fourth ghost enters the shot with a smartphone in hand. He indicates it to the other ghosts.
GHOST: OOOOooooOOOooooooober
All ghosts echo the term in unison as an Uber rolls up. They enter the vehicle, no doors needs. But the solid smartphone does not pass through and clatters to the ground

/ :10-30
[Stationary full shot]
Two owls perch side by side in a tree at night.
OWL 1: Hoooh
OWL 2: Hooh Hooh
Car lights pass by underneath them.
OWL 1: Hoooooooooober
The second owl turns and looks quizzically at the other.

Miscellaneous Work

This section contains a compilation of speculative work that has not (yet) seen the light of day. Many of these posters are part of the open brief campaign proposals.

Craiglist ads
Back to school campaign
Driver Love campaign