3D Illustrations

Stepping into my freshman year at RISD, I originally wanted to declare Illustration as my major. With a heavy heart, I decided to put that dream to sleep after realizing everyone can draw better than me with both their eyes closed. I still do illustrations from time to time. Now in 3D.


Poster for LinkedIn User Experience Design org
LinkedIn Maker Faire promotional poster
Sticker designed for the Identity team
Poster showcasing #OpenToWork, Featured, and Name Pronunciation features on LinkedIn

Check On Your Friends!

Take notes of the faces or behavioral observations to interpret expressed pain intensity. Compare their expression to this chart below!

Designed during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020


3D illustrations for Hack@Brown 2019, Brown University's official hackathon.

Preliminary mocks
Event banner for Python Introductory Workshop

Fuck U, luv 💖

Sketch by Gabby Widjaja