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Article 345

In the past few decades, Vietnam's lack of media transparency has consistently been a major problem, yet too few people have talked about it. Vietnamese citizens are either too afraid to speak out about the issue, or know nothing about the topic at all. The government controls hundreds of official media outlets as well as the entire entertainment industry as part of their "purification of culture" program. Insecurity over justice, dozens of people have been sentenced to jail due to the government's paranoid desire to maintain political control.

Inspired by propaganda posters still displayed on the streets of Vietnam, the poster series comments on Vietnam's censorship in the media and on the internet. Vietnam's national motto, "Doc Lap - Tu Do - Hanh Phuc" ('Independence - Freedom - Happiness'), is placed on top of the posters to juxtapose ideology and reality. The main objective is to highlight and challenge the lack of commitment by the Vietnamese system and its government to improve the citizen's human rights.


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