Poster Collection

This is a collection of posters designed for events, classes, and personal projects.

Article 345

In the past few decades, Vietnam's lack of media transparency has consistently been a major problem, yet too few people have talked about it. Vietnamese citizens are either too afraid to speak out about the issue, or know nothing about the topic at all. The government controls hundreds of official media outlets as well as the entire entertainment industry as part of their "purification of culture" program. Insecurity over justice, dozens of people have been sentenced to jail due to the government's paranoid desire to maintain political control.

Inspired by propaganda posters still displayed on the streets of Vietnam, the poster series comments on Vietnam's censorship in the media and on the internet. Vietnam's national motto, "Doc Lap - Tu Do - Hanh Phuc" ('Independence - Freedom - Happiness'), is placed on top of the posters to juxtapose ideology and reality. The main objective is to highlight and challenge the lack of commitment by the Vietnamese system and its government to improve the citizen's human rights.



This poster was inspired by Joost Schmidt's exhibition poster for Bauhaus in 1923. Schmidt's poster displays the school's emphasis on new typography and reinvention of the traditional approach; as it can be seen through the geometric shapes and limited colors. Based on the same concept and design elements (with a modern twist), the poster was designed to showcase the school's achievements in the design and architecture world.

Always in Process

This poster was designed for Keetra Dixon's keynote speech at Brown University's hackathon in 2018. Her talk, "Always In Process," will be about rapid-fire trying new ideas - the perfect prelude to 24 hours of experimentation.

A bit about her: Keetra is a graphic design RISD professor whose work has been featured globally, from the SFMOMA to the Olympics. She's done a lot of experience design work as well, including designing the JFK JetBlue terminal - literal global impact. Check out her website here.

Facebook event's banner

Martin Parr Exhibition

Martin Parr's poster for a fictional exhibition at RISD Museum. Martin Parr is a photographer and a photojournalist. His photography is like an ongoing investigation of human interaction. Since his photography focuses on the human interactions and everyday life, the poster uses hand-written typefaces to capture the essence of his photographic style. The colors of his photographs are garish, bright and vibrant, thus, the corresponds to the colors of the copy.

Aqua Life Central

Poster for Aqua Life Central, a fish store located in Providence known for its aquatic mural painted outside of the store.

Trump's Water

Poster made in response to Trump's administration impact on the environment.