Together with a team of other 5 students from both Brown and RISD, we create designs and models that effectively capture the identity for the Hack@Brown student organization.


"Hack@Brown is an annual event at Brown University where hundreds of students from across the country come together to learn how to build things using technology and design".

Hack@Brown's main goal is to create an inclusive and inviting environment for everyone, whether you have been coding for years or just started yesterday. Thus, the branding plays a major role in making the hackathon less intimidating, and more playful!

Logo treatment
Style guide
Sticker designs

Landing Page

Along with two other designers in the team, Koko Nakajima and Nate Parrott, we designed the landing page for Hack@Brown 2017. Because we want Hack@Brown to be approachable, basic geometric shapes and primary colors became our main visual motifs. We also incorporate videos and images from last year's hackathon on the landing page in order to let people see what they're signing up for!

Hack@Brown 2017 Official Website

Website specs
Website style guide

Registration Posters

In order the spread the word about the upcoming hackathon, I designed two posters that are printed and spread around RISD and Brown's campuses.

Hack Week Banners

A week prior the the hackathon, team members at Hack@Brown host workshops of introductory lessons to programs like Python, Meteor, Sketch, etc. I designed a series of banners for HackWeek using the shared visual style of isometric shapes.