Design Tropes

Design Tropes is a wiki community for designers to document and discuss new trends in the lifestyle industry. It's a large public repository of different design elements complete with visual examples and comprehensive descriptions. You can think of it as the Wikipedia of the design world, or a crowd-sourced design blog. Users can search articles on the site to learn new design paradigms, or they can submit new content by making an account on the site.

Client: Eli Block
Designers: Ryan Nguyen, Eli Block
Developers: Daniel Greenberg, Shaileja Jain, Eric Liu


Since The Design Tropes is a platform for designers to contribute and share their knowledge about design, we decided to go with the minimal approach so that designers can spend more time focusing on the content of the website.

This page's targeted audience are designers or design enthusiasts, we want the page to be a bit different or edgy from other pages but also clean. We chose two typefaces, one serif and one sans serif. The text is also slightly bigger.

We were inspired by Google Design, where the trope's design shares the same component as a piece of grounded paper. Whenever you hover over the tropes, it levitates and casts a shadow. The color of the tropes containers correspond to the page background color of the trope's page when you click on it. This allows the users to know where they are on the website. We also incorporated animations and hover effects in order to create a dynamic web page.