Nice to meet you!

I'm Ryan. I grew up in the heart of Vietnam with lots of cultural diversity and street food. When I turned eleven, my parents decided to send me across to the other side of the world to Fort Worth, Texas. There, I started to learn English through reading and translating online Photoshop tutorials.

After graduating high school in Texas, I packed my bags and moved to the East Coast to attend the Rhode Island School of Design. Besides design, I also love front end developing and computation. Therefore, sometimes I'm a Graphic Design student at RISD, sometimes I'm a Computer Science student at Brown.

I'm a twin, and I have twin sisters. Two pairs of twins in one family? But that's not possible! Yet, here we are. I occasionally show people pictures of myself and say that it's my twin brother for my own amusement.

For specific inquiries about twins related facts, shoot me an email.

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